Pacific Stoneworks image gallery of different support detail options.

Spans and Cantilevers. In designs where part of the countertop is spanning between supports, the length of the span shall be

limited to 2 ft for ¾” stone thicknesses and 3 ft for 1¼” stone thicknesses. In designs where the countertop is cantilevered or

overhanging the supports, the cantilever shall be limited to 6″ for ¾” and 10″ for 1¼”stone countertops,

but in no case may the cantilevered portion represent more than 1/3 of the width of the countertop.

Cantilevered countertops exceeding these dimensions will require corbelled supports beneath the stone. The exposed

underside of cantilevered portions of countertops will be sawn or otherwise unfinished surfaces.

Note: Fragile stones may require corbelled supports for cantilevers that are less than those specified.

What does this mean to our customers?
If your subtop support (5/8″ plywood in most cases)can flex more than 1/8″, then additional support is needed.
Pacific Stoneworks has a wide range of support options available, for every project we install.
Then following pictures provide examples of our supports in action.

Pacific Stoneworks Overhang Guidelines can be found Here: