Pacific Stoneworks, Inc.

Pre-Templating Checklist



A.    General Conditions

      Actual sizes of slabs and quantity have to be available at time of Templating. (Should have been purchased)

      Unsupported overhangs shall not exceed 6” on 3/4” countertops or 10” for 1 ¼ “countertops. In an overhang condition, the supported area must be firmly secured and properly anchored to insure that the unsupported area, when loaded, will not cause failure of the setting material. If overhang exceeds maximum amounts, the cabinetmaker or builder must add proper brackets, legs, or other rigid support.


B.    Cabinets

      Cabinetry is installed on a true plane and level to within 1/8” in ten (10’-0”) feet. Areas to receive slab are stable and rigid and capable of supporting the weight of slab. Stone counters and rough tops rely on the secure ness and strength of the cabinets.


C.    Rough Tops

      Counter and horizontal surfaces to receive slab have rough top preinstalled. 5/8” thick plywood, (between 9/16 to 11/16” is acceptable), installed flush with cabinet face unless noted otherwise. Reinforcement may be required in areas in front of cutouts to insure that they can adequately carry the weight of the stone without flexing (stove or sink cutouts). We recommend waterproof exterior grade (CDX) or marine plywood be used.

     Rough top plywood is installed true, plane and level, variation not to exceed 1/8” over a

10-foot span.

     Rough top has been inspected for lippage. No lippage greater than 1/16”.

Lippage is a condition, which occurs when adjacent plywood edges are not flush with one another.

     All cutouts (i.e. sinks, cook tops, holes) have been made and are complete. The technician cannot make these decisions.

        Rough top is firmly secured and properly anchored, free of dirt, dust, oil, paint or other coatings that may prevent bonding of slab to rough top.


D. Undermount Sinks

     All actual sinks (not sample sink or a template) are mounted but not hooked up to plumbing. The sinks may be taken to shop for exact Templating.

     The sink is mounted flush with rough top.

     The sink has adequate support. If a bracket is required they can be purchased from Pacific Stoneworks for $30.00.


D1. Self-Rimming Sinks

     All actual sinks are cut in place, but not hooked up to plumbing.


E. Edge details

     Edge detail of countertop have been discussed and agreed upon.

     Edge detail at sink opening have been discussed and agreed upon.

     Edge detail of back splash have been discussed and agreed upon.


F. Back splash

     Backsplash height has been discussed and agreed upon.

     All electrical outlets have been roughed in and checked by owner.

     Door or window casings are clear of slab installation, or a drawing of the slab to casing transition to be supplied at time of measurement.


G. Fixtures and Appliances

     All appliances including but not limited to Range tops, Ovens, Microwaves, Dishwashers, etc. are installed, or currently present at jobsite so that transitions with slab can be determined and correct measurements can be taken.(some range tops made need to be removed prior to installation)

     Hood is currently installed or a line as to finish of splash has been marked by the Contractor or Owner.

     All fixtures intruding the slab (i.e. faucet, drinking water, air switch, soap dispensers) are available for measurement, or a guaranteed measurement is provided. The positions of all holes have been drilled through the rough top.