3 Day Kitchen Countertops


Do you want to replace your existing tile or laminate countertops?
If your kitchen meets a few basic conditions, Pacific Stoneworks can replace your countertops with gleaming new granite, marble or Caesarstone with only 2 days of downtime!

Yes – only 2 days of downtime!

Due to our ongoing commitment to the highest technology in the stone countertop business, Pacific Stoneworks can offer this amazing fast-turnaround service. The process is made possible by our advanced computer technology – combining digital templates, waterjet cutting and CNC finishing.
There are 3 steps that take place at your home:

  • 1- Digital template-making (no downtime)
  • 2- Demolition (day 1)
  • 3- Installation (day 2)

No being without a kitchen for 2 weeks after templating. We leave your existing kitchen intact while we fabricate your countertops. Demolition happens at day of installation.

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Countertops like these with minimal downtime!

The average kitchen can utilize our 2-Day Kitchen. The prerequisites are few: existing cabinet dimensions must remain as-is with no structural changes. All new sinks, stoves, faucets or other fixtures must be on site. Backsplash height must be 6″ or less. Custom details that are part of the existing countertop structure (such as high bars, overhangs, bumpouts, etc) are subject to review and may require longer turnaround time. Once reviewed, your job can be confirmed and scheduled for templates, demolition and installation.


Why be without a kitchen for 2-3 weeks?

Click Here to Contact Us for all the necessary contact information. We look forward to helping you achieve your countertop vision.
Gallery of the 3 Day Kitchen